Monday, December 19, 2022

 Older Writings From the Elder-

               No man, human being, can be at home here. Did you ever see someone who lived forever in this dimension, in this reality?                

               The reason the Spirit can not feel at home is for the simple reason that we are not at home. We exist in a temporal state which doesn’t allow us to be here on earth forever.

       However, if we’re only visiting, then there is the return home and home is the best we can make of it.

Home is to realize that we are here by an act of creation and a Gift of our yet to be understood Life.

The Church tries to merge with this knowledge and make use of our individual awareness of it.

Most search for a Home here as if to solidify the energy into some permanent and malleable manifestation.

To be at home in the Creator’s Gift is a long and arduous try for those who seek to make this place into Home.

Home is the awareness of being in harmony with existence and our own personal existence.

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