Thursday, October 26, 2023

  Spirit needed for 

    Life changes - Life choices with a knowledge of choices, not so unsure anymore.

    The Creator put into humans a time released knowledge, when needed, of what to do or say. (Innate Releasing Mechanisms)

Consciousness was not meant to be used as a spiritual reflecting system, nor was it meant to be constantly in a loop.

       So in order to use consciousness effectively, we have to be conscious of awareness. The problem is that most humans  are is a state of “everything is alright” and do not want to open the portals to be conscious of awareness except within the parameters of ‘pleasure’. They don’t want to listen to “inside” or others.

     The humans who do have the courage to be their ‘spiritual selves’, will find new apertures opening and will find that there is control and action for their own destiny. Their life will begin to be ‘full-filling’.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

   We’re all in the same situation 


              - personally -

                 - in life -

and we’re not pulling together.

Secular activity rules the day

We’re all like that spider, hanging in the Web.

          The silent invisible thread which holds  us,

              has been sustaining life for billions of years.

We’re not that old! you say - see the secular view.

The same process that is in plants, trees, animals

      Is the same in ourselves.

We just don’t see the 

       cord which is invisible,

         yet built upon millions of years of manifestation

          and adapting.

Same System - Same Bio-mechanism.