Tuesday, February 13, 2024

       There are many gifts inside the Individual which have not been brought forth, due to many factors. Human Beings are like seeds. A lot of their growth depends upon the environment in which they find themselves. The enrichment of nutrients can greatly magnify their growth. 

       The tribal ancient knowledge of ‘Beingness’ was completely centered around the individual because each of us in a child of 

the Creator.

Sunday, February 4, 2024

               It could be said that the whole world is a community, which is true at a spiritual level.

                 By being part of a community, there are conditions of coherent belonging and impeccability which should be followed. Or, at least a serious personal aim in that direction.

                You have a responsibility to your personal Spirit/Soul to have a sacred relationship, or at least the growing of this relationship, with your everyday environment.

                Most importantly, there should be an understanding between the participants of a community, trust founded upon time spent together, and the shared effort of being one with the Creator, as much as possible.