Sunday, November 6, 2022

From Medicine Days With the Elder-A Series


             There must be a balance between the Spiritual laws and the physical laws.  The Material Laws often fall outside both Laws to manifestation and harmony. This is not to say all technology is bad. Whats bad is the pollution that comes from some of this technology.

It has been foretold of a time in which man could recover his SENSES. A time when we could realize that something vital to us is amiss. We are constantly discovering that the “truly ancients” may have been more right than our distortion of Reality would allow. It will be people like you who come to the Center of your existence and open up to new and exciting events possible, as the spirit assumes its rightful legacy

                In this time of coming into Harmony, the cloud of distortion and rootlessness will be replaced. The cloud of Education which says you can expand  and learn great things, will begin to become real as knowledge and wisdom comes not just from books, movies, cds; but from an internal Centered source of Being. Great things are yet to be for all of us. As we awake, we will perceive that killing and hatred comes from the “Distorted Minds, who are behaving like fools. Fools acting upon and causing distortion and fragmentation so they can rule.

              Out of the “Good Minds” will come a new plan as a hope for mankind. Whether the “new plan” is in Time or not, does not remove from us the necessity of coming into “Harmony” for our “selves.” We have to know, without fear, that we are only visiting this domain by the Creator’s Gift. We have to know that manifestation here is not a “curse” and that death (passover) isn’t punishment-it is fulfillment.

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