Thursday, September 6, 2018

        The role of man (of us) is not to stand rationally apart and tacitly accept the control of a politically ordered cosmology with its imperialistic mechanization of everything.  

        We are living entities with our own spirit. This is not some strange truth or some myth dreamed up to control you. This is the Creators truth. The people who cannot understand this should be the ones we take care of, not the ones who lead us toward this Emergence.

       We are not facing extinction because we sinned against the Creator we are facing extinction because of the split between Spirit and material, the split between consciousness and existential awareness.

       This message of peace is in an effort to bring the transition to emergence using inherent harmony of universal components of all life.
       Everyone needs to find the fullness granted them by the Creator and the creative forces which give ech one of us our legacy from the Creator.

       Here, the start of the Red Path, in fulfillment of our emergence, begins.

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